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Lynda Pracht traveled to Nicaragua in 1998 on a W/NP sponsored Learning Centers Mission. The excellent embroidery and design skills she saw, the enthusiasm of the Nicaraguan women, their spirit, and their strong desire to become self sufficient inpspired her to find a niche market in the doll dress trade.

Women from the W/NP Learning Centers are sewing beautiful dresses, now known as Chica Nica Doll Dresses! The dresses pass a rigid quality control review. The Nicaraguan women are paid for their work before the dress leaves Nicaragua. Purhcase of these lovely dresses provide income to the home, often the only money coming into the household to support the family. Women can now stay in their community, earn income, learn a skill, and live with dignity.






Lynda Pracht shared her story on the nationally televised program, Sewing with Nancy. "Lynda and her volunteers teach sewing and other skills to the women of Nicaragua, Wisconsin's Partner country. Hear the heart-warming story of how the skill of sewing has enriched and improved the lives of the volunteers and the students." - Wisconsin Public Television

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Nancy Zieman has been checking back with some of her initial guests.  See her follow up and what she had to say about “how sewing is making a difference in the lives of the women in Nicaragua.”  

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