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Dress Makers


Julita has taught many others how to sew at "Munecas y Bordado" (Dolls and Embroidery). She is mother of three, including Karla, who joins her mother sewing. She sews many of the dresses, including the 70s dress, the Garden of Flowers dress, the Points dress, the Princess dress, and the 1st Communion dress.



















Karla is the daughter of Julita, one of the best Chica Nica Doll Dress sewers. Karla sews many of the dresses available and has earned enough money from the project to add an addition to her house.


Lea has earned enough money from the Chica Nica Project to build a kitchen in her house with a stove, refrigerator, and a tile floor and a tile floor in the back porch. She sews the Contrast dress.








Maria E.

Maria is mother to a set of twins. She has earned enough money to add an addition to her mother-in-law's house. She sews the German, Norwegian, and Angel dresses. 
















Petronila attended a W/NP Learning Center workshop 22 years ago in her community that is just outside of Managua. She was young and out of work at the time, but after learning how to sew she sold clothes in her community. She has continued attending workshops and two years ago started teaching smocking in Managua. In addition to the teaching and continuing to sell clothes, she also organizes the Chica Nica program, ensuring that orders are met and that everyone does their part. She is also one of the Learning Centers committee members for Chica Nica. She sews many of the the dresses for Chica Nica, including the Nellie dress and the German dress.

















Sandra sews the Polish dress and teaches sewing maching repair and maintenance. Recently, she had health problems which prevented her from using the treadle machine for embroidery but she is back at work again.