About Chica Nica


 Following her retirement as a Home Economics teacher, Lynda Pracht traveled to Nicaragua in 1998 on a W/NP sponsored Learning Center Trip in search of new ways to fill her time and share her knowledge. The excellent embroidery and design skills she saw, the enthusiasm of the Nicaraguan women, their spirit, and their strong desire to become self sufficient inpspired her to find a niche market in the doll dress trade.

Women from the W/NP Learning Centers began sewing beautiful dresses, now known as Chica Nica Doll Dresses! The dresses pass a rigid quality control review. The Nicaraguan women are paid for their work before the dress leaves Nicaragua. Purchase of these lovely dresses provide income to the home, often the only money coming into the household to support the family. Women can stay in their community, earn income, learn a skill, and live with dignity. 

Sadly, Lynda passed away on April 24, 2012.

The “Lynda Collection” is a special set of dresses designed by the Nicaraguan women in honor and memory of Lynda, who was and continues to be their inspiration. Lynda’s favorite color was purple and the women incorporated their creativity to come up with each unique design.

Thanks to many people helping out the Chica Nica Project continues to thrive.  Lorraine Danczyk has graciously stepped in and spends many hours working with the dresses and the Nicaraguan sewers.


To view the tribute dresses, click here.


A note from Nicaragua:

A life of inspiration, this is what Lynda Pracht means to many people in Nicaragua since 1998. Lynda opened a path of opportunities for ladies and their families through the Learning Center Program and Chica Nica Project.  For 14 years, the ladies in Nicaragua could see the power of a woman that was providing skills to help empower them.  Ladies in Nicaragua through the W/NP Learning Centers have felt empowered having Lynda.  During these years she directly impacted about 1,000 and indirectly to more than 10,000 people and special ladies in Nicaragua. Sadness came to us about the news that she will not be any more with us, but her legacy will be forever in our hearts. This Saturday the monthly Learning Center meeting will be dedicated to her and we will sing her honor, her favorite Nicaraguan song, Nicaragua Nicaraguita.  14 years of Lynda’s dedication to women in Nicaragua has been a really significant second opportunity in life for the ladies most in need in Nicaragua and just we will miss her a lot.